Arthur Devereaux

An immortal from the time of Jesus, Arthur likes to surround himself with other Immortals less interested in the Game.


Originally born Anthanasios, Arthur grew up in a Greek province that was under the control of the Roman empire, which had conquered Greece at that time. He was conscripted in the local Roman legion, where he received his first training with weapons.

During his training, Anthanasios was mentored by legion’s Praefectus Castrorum, a Greek named Karpos. Anthanasios rose in rank from Decanus to Optio and eventually to Centurion. After a battle against the Cantabri of northern Hispaninia (modern Spain), Arthur was seriously wounded, and he suffered his First Death a day later.

Karpos, an immortal like Arthur, was on hand for his protege’s return. After explaining what happened, as well as the rules of his new immortality and the Game, the two continued serving as legionaries, defeating the enemies of Roman, including the occasional immortal, vampire, or other supernatural creature.

That all changed when the legion found itself in Jerusalem during the crucifixion of Christ. After seeing the Christian savor dying on the cross, the Greek citizen and Roman Centurion felt a profound change come over him. Killing on behalf of the Roman Empire no longer seemed a just and noble cause. This soon lead to falling out between Karpos and Anthanasios, and the two faced off in single combat, Karpos intent on taking the head of his student. The fight was interrupted and Anthanasios made a quick escape wandering the deserts of the Middle East for years. Near death, he was eventually taken in by traveling Bedouin herders, who nursed him back to health. Afterward, Arthur made his way to India, and much later to Siberia in central Russia.

In the modern era, Arthur tends to spend most of his time in various European countries, having learned the various languages over the centuries. Recently, he’s begun building a home in rural Montana for when he’ll need to step away from his current persona before re-inventing himself.

Currently, Arthur is an antique dealer, specializing in ancient Greek and Roman items. While older than many living immortals, Arthur has not taken as many heads and is therefor not as powerful as immortals half his age. On the other hand, he has an extensive network of friends and associates and keeps tabs on the most powerful immortals in the world.

Arthur Devereaux

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